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Allan Campion and Michele Curtis’ ‘In The Kitchen’

I wanted a recipe book that had everything. A book that would be applicable every night and with any ingredient. The obvious first stop was Books for Cooks on Gertrude St in Fitzroy. I went in veering towards the Stephanie Alexander and Margaret Fulton offerings as they are so famous and renowned in Australia. However, the shop assistant steered me towards another tome. By Melbourne couple Allan Campion and Michelle Curtis…In The Kitchen. I am so glad I took the advice, as this book is a modern Melbourne version of The Cook’s Companion, and much more suited to someone of my age and kitchen antics. 

This 837 page recipe book contains dishes that you would expect to come out of the kitchen at Proud Mary or De Clieu… it embraces and interprets the Melbourne cafe culture for home use. It is perfectly suited to my generation, one that has grown up in cafes.  Every recipe I have tried from the book has been a success first time. In almost every instance, the recipes are easy but the results are very impressive and always delicious. Perhaps this is a reflection of Gen Y’s lifestyle of immediate gratification. With less preparation and effort we can get the same tasty and impressive results that more difficult recipes produce. 

This does not mean that it is unsuitable for other generations though. On my Mum’s most recent trip over from NZ she cooked out of In The Kitchen a few times and loved it so much that she ended up buying a copy to take home. 

So perhaps my assumptions that it appeals mainly to Gen Y are incorrect. In the Kitchen has the potential to reach a wide audience. Perhaps this is a sign that all ages of people are becoming used to things happening fast but still being of a high quality.


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