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The ABC’s ‘Rake’

If you are tired of the sickening goodness of Packed to the Rafters, or the endless barrage of reality TV shows all pining for Masterchef’s recipe for success, despair no more. ABC1 regularly shows interesting and humorous Australian shows, and their latest offering ‘Rake’ is a ripper. 

The show centers around the out of control, fastpaced, completely politically incorrect life of barrister Cleaver Greene, played by Richard Roxburgh. We love to love a villian and Cleaver Greene is the ultimate badboy. Mostly drunk, a local at the brothel, itinerant father to one son, Cleaver deals with a new case each week in an unorthodox and controversial way. He defends criminals who others would write off as lost causes. The first week it was a cannibal, played by Hugo Weaving. Last week, a bigamist who turns out to be a trigamist. His conduct and approach infuriate his colleagues, and sometimes his clients, but makes him popular with the general public, and the odd young babe in the jury. And of course, us viewers at home on the couch. 

The screenplay is so clever and funny. I am in stiches each week watching it. Cleaver’s many one-liners are absolute gold* and his nonchalant intelligence and wit make it hard not to like him…despite the fact that he sleeps with his best friend’s wife, and beats other lawyers to a pulp in elevators to protect his friend (an ex-prostitute)’s name. Perhaps it is his tendency to quote shakespeare or his rugged, sexual confidence that draws you in. Whatever it is, I am delighted to see an intelligent, hilarious, Australian made show on TV. 

Watch it. Thursday nights. 8.30pm

* some examples:

“some sort of fantastical Jane Austen bullshit haze”  

 in response to a woman’s support of marrying your highschool sweetheart

“bigamy, trigamy…bugger me!”

– this one is pretty self explanatory



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