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Casio Kids ‘Finn Bikkjen!’

Today I was driving along and listening to Triple R. The sun was shining, and Triple R was playing some very rad music, as they tend to do. One song came on as I was driving into Lorne that caused the anticipation building, beverage calling, coursing through my body excitement that only a truly fantastic song can bring about. I wanted so badly to find out what it was called, but being mid song I was getting nothing from the DJ. At this stage stress levels were building, until I remembered Shazam. The iPhone app which listens to a song and tells you what it is, who it is by and provides a link to iTunes so you can download. A million thank yous to the creator/s of Shazam…and technology in general.

This is what it told me. This song is the highlight of my day. Perhaps it will be yours too.


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